What’s new at Red Pants Music?

Feb 2009 They Might Be Giants win a GRAMMY for “Here come the 123′s” featuring “Number Two” by Danny Weinkauf.

RPM score 24 webisodes of Yahoo’s “Life of Mom” Winter-Spring 2013.

RPM score Oregon Scientific “Meep” spots Autumn 2012.

RPM score Gymboree Holiday spots December 2011.

RPM and Noiseheap score theme song for MTV show “the Substitute” (written by Jeremy Salesi) starting Sept. 12th 2011.

RPM and DISNEY/TMBG co-licensed the song “I am a Paleontologist” (written by Danny Weinkauf) to Payless Shoes Source for their summer/fall back to school campaign.

RPM scored Open theme music for CBS Sports Network “Inside College Football” for 2011 season – starting Sept. 6th 2011.

RPM song “Rubber Ball” ┬álicensed to Dupont Goodrich for ad campaign September 2011.

RPM scored complete music package for ESPN broadcast of National Spelling Bee aired on June 2nd 2011.

DVD release Dir.Cory Cataldo’s Movie “Mad World” featuring “Where do they make Balloons?” by Danny Weinkauf on May 24th 2011.

RPM scored the 1st in a series of parenting videos called Mother eff’ed for comedian Johanna Stein (featured at Parents.com) May 2011.

RPM scored current All detergent commercial “We all Baseball”.

RPM scored current Barnes and Noble commercial “Love of Reading”.

RPM scored theme music for CBS Sports Network “Inside College Basketball” for 2009- 2011 seasons.

TMBG Grammy nomination for “Here comes Science” featuring “I am a Paleontologist” by Danny Weinkauf Feb 2011.